GoForFred Q4 V36

GoForFred Q4 V36

24 April 2014  | GoForFred | Q-Serie
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Life is awesome.

Let’s rock for a better world.

Fred is a visionary programmer and passionate online marketer from Germany.

He´s the founder and owner of the company "netinsiders | Werft für Mediendesign". mastercontrol is a web based software for startups and growing companies, that want to scale their web businesses fast.

GoForFred shows you how crazy the life of an internet marketer can be.


The soundtrack „Go“ was written and performed by our friend and music magician   Tommy Lombardy from Berlin, Germany.

The song was composed by Tommy solely for GoForFred. Thx Tommy!




Danke / Thank You:

Mirko, Thomas, Güde
Ulli, Anja, Falk, Gabi und Tommy, Dennis Schick, Timmi, Müsli, Daniel, Tim Daugs, Tobias Knoof, HansHans, Matt Brown, Brendon Burchard, Morgan James Gealta, Sean Murray, Ontraport, Nicki, Oliver Eberhardt, Chelsea Faith, Victoria Player, Marcel Schlee, André Hunziker and Clay Collins.


Stay inspired. Enjoy.

Our Mission

Let's rock for a better world.
Be creative.

fred = true ;-)

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